Workers’ Compensation

Raleigh Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Maybe you are a delivery driver who is picking up a package when you feel a sudden pop in your lower back. You wake up the next morning and can barely move due to pain in your back. You also have pain shooting down your leg and your leg is numb or tingling. You weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary when your injury occurred. Is this covered under workers’ compensation?
Maybe you work in construction and you’re putting up siding on a house when you fall off a ladder. Now you can’t lift your arm without feeling sharp pain in that shoulder. You’re not sure what caused you to fall. Is this covered under workers’ compensation?
Maybe you work in a bakery and do the same repetitive motions throughout the day. Now your hands and wrists have started to hurt and go numb by the end of your shift. Your pain started over time and there wasn’t one specific thing you can remember that caused it to start. Is this covered under workers’ compensation?
The answer to all three questions is probably yes. While every situation is different, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in each of the scenarios above. If you have questions about whether or not workers’ compensation applies to your situation, contact the Soto Law Firm today to speak with an attorney.